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They’re Your Emotions! Aurora Oct.3-7

They’re Your Emotions! Oct.3-7
Hello everyone! As we welcome the month of October, we also began with our new Unit of Inquiry, new set of workstation activities, and new songs and dances. Aurora class showed excitement in all the new things we did and experienced this week.🤗

In UOI, we started to explore Unit 3: How We Express Ourselves, the Central Idea is “People express themselves in various ways”, and the Lines of Inquiry are: LOI1: Identifying and describing feelings; and LOI2: Ways to communicate with others. For them to understand the theme and Central Idea, we watched a video of a crying baby and a deaf person and they realized that babies cry when they are hungry and deaf people use their body movements to communicate or say what they want unlike them that they can talk.

To assess the students’ prior knowledge, I showed some pictures to them showing different situations and asked how they feel about it or what they feel if they are in the same situation like playing with a friend, falling off the ground, seeing a monster, or receiving a medal. Everyone did a great job in answering the said activity.👏

Then, we also sang a song about feelings which includes new feelings vocabulary. We asked students to pick a picture of the emotions being mentioned in the song and post it on our UOI wall in order which will serve as their guide in singing the song in the morning because this is going to be our new morning song.🎶 Its title is “They’re Your Emotions”.

Another activity we did was an Emotion Chart. In this activity, students categorised the emotions similar to happy, angry, surprised, sleepy, and sad. This is for them to learn new feelings vocabulary and be able to use these words in daily conversation.

This week, we also start working on the new set of workstation activities such as:
■Number Weave- This activity helps improve students’ fine motor skills, concentration, and number literacy such as recognition and sequencing.🪡

■Letter Search- This activity is good for letter recognition and also builds fine motor skills.✂️

■Scissor Cutting Practice- This activity aims to improve students’ cutting skills.✂️

We don’t want to waste papers nor throw the papers that they cut from the workstation activity, so we came up with making a Halloween craft which is a Jack O’Lantern. Students glued all the orange papers they cut, and completed the face by putting eyes and mouth. They said all the Jack O’Lanterns are scary!!!🎃😨

Of course, outdoor activities are always fun too! They enjoyed playing at the park and schoolyard, and the gym activities. These are perfect activities for their gross motor development like running, jumping, kicking, and throwing.🏃‍♀️🏃

Aurora also started to sing Halloween song which they really enjoy even if it sounds scary!😄 Please check the link below.😊

That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!😊