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Letter Race Game! Aurora Nov. 7-11

Hello everyone!🤗

We all know that children love games and the best way to teach them to recognise uppercase and lowercase letters is through a game. In Aurora class, our students are always looking forward to our Phonics lesson because they get to play different games as we learn about each letter. This week, we played Letter Race which focused on the uppercase and lowercase letter Rr. We divided the class into two groups and gave them the same number of cards lined on the table. To play the game, students have to line up with their group. The leader of the group holds a bottle which they will use to tap the cards on the table that has the letter Rr only. Then, the leader has to pass the bottle to the next player to do the same thing until everyone in the group finishes. We had three rounds of the game and the winner received a big animal sticker for a job well done. Of course, the other group did their best too, so we also gave them a sticker which is smaller than the winners’.🌟

Our Show and Tell activity in UOI ended. Aurora students did an amazing sharing of their stories! Great job, everyone! Next week, we will start with the Travelling Diary notebook of our class wherein each student will take it home to write, draw, or paste anything they want to share. We would like to thank Aurora parents in advance for the time and effort you will put into this activity. Thank you so much!🥰

From this week, we will be using our UOI time to practice for the Christmas Show. Their performance is also part of our UOI lesson because here they will learn how to express the feelings or emotions of the characters in the story based on the lines they will say. Everyone is doing a great job and trying their best in our practices. Well done!👏

On Thursday, our school conducted a Loiterer or Stranger Drill. This is in preparation in case a stranger comes to school. We explain to the students what a stranger is, the danger it may cause, and how to protect or escape from a stranger. It’s very important to follow the rules such as:

IKAIkanai—Don’t follow the stranger.
NONoranai—Don’t get in the stranger’s car.
OOokina Koe Wo Dasu— Please shout!
SUSuguni nigeru— Run away as soon as possible.
SHIShiraseru— Inform the parents, teachers, or other people.

Aurora had so much playing at the park. Once in a while we go to a different park so that they can explore more play structures and that will help them develop gross motor skills. They got thrilled with the hill at the park. They ran around and rolled their bodies down the hill. What a fun idea!🤩

That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!😊