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Just Play. Have Fun. Enjoy the Game. Aurora Dec. 19-23

Hello everyone!🤗 It has been a great year here in Aurora class. We didn’t notice how time flies until this week when our boys and girls started counting the days before Christmas and realized that it’s almost the end of this year, 2022. I’m so proud of this class and very glad to be their teacher. We will continue to do our best with our students for the rest of this school year.🥰

Since this is the last week of school this year, we just enjoyed the days through plays and games with our students. In phonics, we played Alphabet Bingo to review both uppercase and lowercase letters. Teacher calls out a letter and students have to check their Bingo card if they have it and if they completed 3 letters in a row, they would say BINGO! They waited patiently for the BINGO and everytime I call out a letter they would say, “I don’t have it, Ms. Fronie!” or “I found it, Ms. Fronie!”. It was a great game to recall letters while students enjoyed it!🤩

Another activity we did that challenged them was a Memory game. I used 3 cups and a pompom which I put inside the upside down cup. Students have to guess which cup contains a pompom after turning the positions of the cups. Memory games build children’s thinking skills, concentration and attention span. It is also amazing at nurturing short term memory, which in turn will improve their long term memory.💡

Because everyone is excited for Christmas, we had a quick Christmas party in the class. We did Dance Freeze and played Penguin Run. In the dance freeze, we just followed what the song says such as dance, hop, skip, and stop when it says freeze. For the Penguin Run, everyone was so competitive while having fun and cheering their team members. Each team has a balloon and to play the game, they have to put it between their legs and walk around the chair in front of them and go back to their team and the rest of the members would do the same. Words can’t express how much fun they had! They keep saying, “This is so fun!”.🐧

New Year is coming soon. As we all know, Japan has a common tradition of sending their greetings or well-wishes to friends and family away from them to show your appreciation to everyone you care about over the holidays. This is called Japanese nengajo or New Year greetings cards. Our class made one for their loving parents. They drew something at the back page of the postcard and put it in Aurora’s mail box. Hope you’ll like it!💌

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May you enjoy the holiday season with your family!🥰