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Catching up with friends! Aurora Jan.4-6

Hello everyone!🤗 We wish you a happy happy new year and a great year ahead full of happiness, love, and success!🎉

Welcome back to school Aurora!🤗 Our boys and girls entered the classroom wearing their lovely and sweet smiles! Everybody was excited to see their teachers and friends! This week, we spent our time remembering what we did on holidays, especially New Year. We showed them the symbols of New Year such as Kagami Mochi and Kadomatsu and taught them the meaning or purpose of each thing in the New Year. Then we let them choose what they liked and colored it. The class shared that they have the same thing at home. The next day, we asked them what they did during holidays, what they ate, or where they went and drew it on a big paper. Some of them went skiing, played with their siblings, ate fruits and mochi, and had a party with their families. With their drawings, we could see how they enjoyed their holidays with their families!🥰

They really missed playing with their friends, so we spent a lot of time playing at the schoolyard and park. They kept running around and chasing their friends, and even pretended to be monsters. They kept saying, “It’s so fun!” They also enjoyed collecting snow and pretended to make some ice cream for their friends. What a great way to catch up with their friends!💞

Another thing that interested them was playing with their wooden yo-yo. They brought the present they received from the Christmas show and now with drawings and colors. They practiced how to throw it safely and catch it. They love their cute yo-yo!😍

Next week, we will resume our regular classes and schedule of activities. We would be very glad to see you all and enjoy school!

That’s it! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful holidays!🥰