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Online lesson(Meadow-Feb.14th-18th)

オンラインレッスン Meadow 2月14日から18日より

Hello everyone,


Due to the closure of school this week, we have conducted our lesson online. Right now, both parents and teachers are working hard together with children to take us through these times of crisis. The experience has been challenging but learning has to continue in some way during the current circumstances. Some kids adapt to the situation gradually, they were able to sit and focus on the screen before circle time gets started. We did the morning and afternoon circle the same way as we do at school. The children’s participation is much appreciated. They sang in a big voice as what they do in the classroom and answered the questions when they were asked. We showed videos of the songs we usually sing during circle time and they did the action while singing.

今週、スクールの閉鎖のためオンラインレッスンを行いました。現在保護者の方と保育者が共にこの度の危機的状況を脱しようと取り組んでいます。この経験は大変ではありますが、現在の状況において何らかの方法で学びを継続しなければなりません。何人かの子供達は徐々にこの状況に慣れていますし、学習の時間が始まる前に 皆座って 画面に集中することが出来ました。午前と午後スクールで行ったのと同じやり方で学習を行いました。子供達の参加を大いに褒めたいと思います。みんな教室で行うように大きな声で歌い、質問されると答えていました。学習の時間にいつも歌っている歌の画像を画面で流しました。

In the afternoon circle, we used worksheets to enhance their learning ability, listening, and following the instruction. We asked questions like: “What fruit is it? How many are there? What color is it?” and encouraged them to answer in phrases. We have also provided “line tracing worksheets” for their homework to enhance their fine motor skills. This helps develop the children’s control of the small muscles in their hands.

午後の学習の時間では学びの力、聞く力、お話を聞く力を高める為にワークシートを使いました。 “What fruit is it? How many are there? What color is it?” のように質問し、文で答えるよに促しました。また線をつなぐ課題を良い運動能力の向上のために宿題を出しました。これは子供達の手の細かな筋肉を制御するのに役立ちます。

The children enjoyed the online lesson and we can see smiles on their faces seeing their friends on the screen. We’re looking forward to seeing you at school next week.


To parents, thank you for being around the children all throughout. We greatly appreciate your kind support.


Have a wonderful weekend, see you!