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Vegetable Stamp Painting(Meadow-January 14-21)

野菜を使ったスタンプ絵画 Meadowクラスより 1月14日から21日

Hello everyone,


This week, we brought the real vegetables and showed them to the children and let them recognize them, the colors, and their names. After that, we made a craft. Our youngsters enjoyed making their “Hungry Catterpillar” using the vegetable stamp. There were different shapes of vegetables, big and small and they were able to grasp them well. They’re building finger, wrist and hand strenght, while improving their hand-eye coordination thus helping them develop fine motor skills. On the other hand, while half of the kids were doing the craft, half of them did the line Tracing. We showed to them how to trace the line and they were able to catch the instruction and grabbed the marker and traced the diagonal lines correctly. Good job, Meadow!


It’s snowy! Let’s play outside!


Our youngsters gathered around the window when they saw the snow fall. We decided to go and play outside to feel it. They touched it and said, “It’s soft!” and tried to put it under their tounge and said “It’s like an ice cream!” Some kids said, “It’s cold, wrap your hands!” Some kids also said “It’s slippery, don’t run!” We were so glad that they were able to express their emotions and used their reasoning skills.


Music class.


Our youngers love singing and their tone of voice changed when they sang the ” BINGO” song. They sang in a big voice while doing the gesture. We had a wonderful Friday.


Thank you for reading our blog. Have a nice weekend.