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Down in the Deep Blue Sea( Meadow-July 26-30)

深い青い海の下で  Meadowクラスの7月26日から30日より

Hello everyone,


It has been a very short month for us to enjoy this month’s topic about “The sea animals”. Our little learners really enjoyed learning about the sea animals and the related songs especially “The baby shark”. They requested to sing it many times. This week, we spent our afternoon circle having the activity of making our own ocean. First, Our little learners colored the construction paper with blue color to represent the sea, then the teacher provided the cut paper sea animals on the table. The teacher mentioned each sea animal and our little ones picked them up and stuck them on their sea. Last, They stuck on their snorkeling photos. They enjoyed the activity and were very proud saying, ” I want to show this to my mom!” This whole month, they were able to say names of sea animals and were able to say their favourite one and were able to identify their colors too.

今月のテーマである「海の生き物たち」を楽しむのとても短かい月でした。 小さな子供達は海の生き物たちの歌、特に「赤ちゃんザメ」を本当に楽しんでいました。みんな何度もリクエストしました。今週、午後の活動の時間で自分の海を作って過ごしました。まず、子供達は画用紙に海を表すため青色に塗り、それから先生たちはテーブルに切った海の生き物たちのイラストを配りました。先生がそれぞれの海の生き物たちの名前を言い、子供達がそれを取って自分で描いた海に貼りました。子供達は自分達のシュノーケリングのイラストを施している写真をそこに貼りました。みんなその活動を楽しんで、大変自信を持って口々に 「お母さんに見せたい!」言いました。今月は海の生き物たちの名前を言えるようになり色の識別も出来るようになりました。



In spite of these hot days, our little ones enjoyed the gym. Started with the stretching then ran around in every corner of the gym and comes the race. They were so cute hopping like a rabbit, lifting up their legs as high as they can. They all had a fun, fun hot day sweating a lot, and were very hungry coming back to school.

連日の暑い日にも関わらず、子供達は体操の時間を楽しみました。柔軟体操から始め体育館の隅から隅まで走り競争しました。子供達はうさぎのように跳ねたりとても可愛かったです。また足を出来る限り高く上げたりもしました。みんな 暑い中たくさん汗をかき、お腹を空かせてスクールに戻りました。

We are also excited about the upcoming Sports Festival and our little ones enjoy practicing the “EXERCISE” and remember the rules before the race. GO FOR IT, MEADOW!


In preparation for the Sports Festival, We have made our craft about our theme, “OLYMPIC”. Our young learners enjoyed making their torch. When we talk about the fire, we figured out the colors Red, Orange, and Yellow. While getting all these colors, they were able to name them correctly.


Thank you for reading our blog. Keep safe and have a wonderful weekend.