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“Our First Bus Trip” Meadow-October 5-9

初めてのバス遠足 Meadowクラス 10月5日から9日より



This week was very exciting for Meadow. We had our first bus trip ever at Nambu Park. We went there by school bus and we had our snack together on the hill. After snack, our fun had begun by playing at the play structure. Physical skills are important for growth of our children. This bus trip was designed for us to enjoy our outdoor activities where we can increase our ability to balance, jump, climb, and run. They are activities that are helpful in our gross and motor skills. Meadow also enjoyed picking acorns in the park. This helps us communicate naturally, and helps us build essential social skills. Yes! We had so much fun in our bus trip.


We would like to thank our loving parents for preparing our lunch box. We were so proud and happy with what our dear parents have prepared for us. We all said, “Yummy”.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!