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Comparing “long and short” objects (Meadow October 17th-21st)

Hello everyone,


It’s beautiful to see leaves changing into different colors, started wearing jackets and long sleeves, and even started using heaters in the morning. The temperature drops down and most of the kids have runny noses but they spend their day actively.


Outdoor play

This week, the weather was perfect for us to play outside. Kids played in the yard, chasing with each other, playing in the sandpit and catching bubbles. Kids were also excited strolling through the park . In this cold weather, walking for a long distance helps children develop physically and emotionally, practicing their leg muscles and motivate them to have patience to reach the park and go back to school safely. They improve their fine and gross motor skills by climbing up and going down the play structures and ran around with peers. Kids were able to interact, taking turns, communicate and cooperate with each other. They had a blast and were satisfied going back to school.


Long and short

This week, we have learned comparing “long and short objects”. We sang the comparison song and the kids demonstrated the long by extending their hands and the short by reducing the size. The kids enjoyed the sorting activity and had fun putting them in the designated long and short boxes. Kids were also entertained by the tugging-the-box activity. Kids were thrilled pulling the knots and see the length. As a normal response, kids who pulled the long knot had a big smiles and some who pulled a short one were quite frustrated and wanted to pull over and over again. They were able to distinguish long and short and say the phrase “It’s long!, It’s short!” Well done, Meadow!

今週は、Long,又はShortの物を取り上げて比べることをしました。歌を歌いながら子ども達は両手を広げてLongを表現したり、両手をちじめてShortを表現しました。ソーティングアクティビティーをしたり、箱から出ている紐を引っ張り長い紐か短い紐化を比べました。子ども達は少しドキドキしながら紐を引っ張っていました!面白いことに、みんな長い紐に当たると笑顔で喜び、短い紐に当たってしまうと不満そうな表情になり、もう一度引っ張りたがっていました。この活動からみんなLong/Shortをよく理解でき、”It’s long!, It’s short!”と自信満々に答えていました。みんな、よくできました!

“Halloween Party dance”

Kids love talking about the coming “Halloween party” They talk with their friends what they will be on the day. Most of the girls say ” I will be a princess!” The exciting part is seeing them dancing the “Creepy Crawl!” Please have a glance to our cute little ones.

子ども達は来週のハロウィンパーティーを楽しみにしていて、お互いに”何になるの?”と聞いている子もいます!女の子はプリンセスになるの!と答えています。ハロウィンパーティーでダンスをする”Creepy Crawl!” を踊っている様子はとっても可愛いです!ご覧ください!

“Fire Drill”

We have conducted the Fire drill. The school stuff, informed us that there was a fire occurring in the kitchen. KIds were wondering what was happening and just followed the teachers to evacuate outside walking quietly covering their nose. We reminded them the rules when there’s a fire. They are: O Ha Shi Mo Te

O- osanai/ Don’t push

Ha- Hashiranai/ Don’t run

Shi- Shizuka ni/ Be quiet

Mo- Modoranai/ Don’t go back

Te- Hana wo te de asaeru/Cover your nose

Good job, Meadow students for listening to the instructions and walked quietly covering your nose.

This is all for this week. See you on our next blog update. Have a wonderful weekend