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Our Autumn tree(October 31-November 4)

Hello everyone,


Here is another fun week here in Meadow’s class.

A new month has begun and we are gleaming of learning new things.


Monday– We went strolling through the park. Our youngsters, as usual, were excited to reach and play there. We noticed their grasping ability is getting stronger and were not afraid of climbing up and going down the play structures. They had so much fun playing with their peers.



Tuesday– We made our ” Autumn tree craft”. The teacher talked about the Autumn season and showed a picture of autumn leaves that changed into yellow, red, orange, and brown. Then we prepared those colors of paint and called 2 students at a time. They enjoyed dipping their fingers into the paint while saying the colors they wanted to use and making their beautiful autumn tree. Well done, Meadow class.


” Autumn tree craft”をクラフトの時間に制作しました。秋ってなあに?秋には木がどうなる?葉っぱの色は?と秋についてお話をし、絵本を使ってみんなに黄色や赤、オレンジ、茶色に色付いた木や葉っぱを見ました。秋の色である黄色、オレンジ、赤、茶色などの絵具を準備し、2人づつ先生とペイントをしました。指に絵具を付け、何色を使っているのかを声に出しながらFinger Printをし、秋色に色付いた木を制作しました。Meadowさん、よくできましたね!

Wednesday- Everyone’s favorite day of the week, the gym day! The kids behaved well and sat down at the school’s entrance while we waited for the bus to come. In the gym, we started warming up our bodies by stretching and then proceed to the activity. This week, we used the bench for kids to get on and jump down. They line up and take turns with their friends.



Friday– Music class. New month, new songs! We started singing the new songs for this month. Songs may be new to kids but they tried humming and clapping their hands with the rhythm. Good job, Meadow!


ミュージッククラスがありました。今月から新しいお歌に一新されました!ほとんどのお友達は新しいお歌を知らなく、初めてでしたので先生のやって見せる姿をじっと見ていたり、時折手をたたいてリズムを打ったりしていました。Good job, Meadow!

We welcomed a new friend who joined us starting this month. She gets along with her friends well. She’s very curious about all things and loves singing and participating in circle time. Let’s have fun and learn together!


This Month’s topic is about parts of the body. Kids enjoy singing the “Head shoulders, knees and toes while touching parts of their bodies“. We introduced the parts of the body by showing the flashcards and doing some activities. We did the roll the dice activity and touched the parts of the body that appears on the dice. Then, we did the matching parts of the body activity. Kids enjoyed sticking the parts of the body in their appropriate places and saying their names.

今月のテーマはBody Partsです。Meadowクラスのみんなは“Head shoulders, knees and toes”を、歌の歌詞に合わせて体を触りながら楽しみました。体の名前をフラッシュカードを使ってみんなに紹介し、また活動も合わせてBody Partsを学びました。サイコロにBodyPartsの絵を貼り、サイコロを転がして出た目に描かれている絵を発話したり、お顔に目、鼻、口などのPartsを付けたり、色々な活動を交えながら楽しく学びました。

Please have a glance at how the children enjoy their free play.

Thank you for reading our blog. Have a safe and fantastic weekend.