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Beat the heat and cool down-Meadow(June 24-28)

Hello everyone,

The temperature is getting higher and the students sweat after each activity we have. This week, we started getting in the pool. The students had a wonderful first experience getting in the water with their friends. They were thrilled and had fun splashing in the water and pouring in their bodies. We wish for good weather in the coming days to spend more days splashing in the water.


We enjoyed this month’s lesson about “Insects”. Kids can distinguish some insect’s names and can name some of them when they see them outside. This week, the students had a blast doing some activities we did. They enjoyed the insects guessing while picking them up from the container. They also had fun matching the half part of the insect’s body.


The circle time is getting merrier singing and dancing together. Kids actively participate in the activities. They develop confidence and enjoyment every day.

Butterfly,Bumblebee, Ladybugなど様々な虫が出てくる歌や、片足、両足でジャンプしたりくるくる回ったりするエクササイズをみんなで一緒に歌ったり踊ったりして、サークルタイムはますます楽しくなってきています。子どもたちは楽しみながら自然と、自信や挑戦する力を育んでいます。

Gym day!

All students had a blast playing with the para balloon. They sweat a lot.


Recenly, Meadow students love laying these sticky pom poms. Using their fingers to pick them up, enhances their fine motor skills. They made different characters and some said, this is a snake, butterfly And caterpillar. They also distinguish different colors the teaher was asking.


Thank you for this week. Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday.