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More Celebrations (Milky Way)

Hello, everyone!

In Milky Way, we continue learning about Celebrations, which is our 3rd unit in UOI. The first celebration that we discussed in class is the New Year. The students were able to share in class their homework and it is interesting to learn about their family traditions during New Year’s celebration.



The next celebration that we talked about is Birthday. The students reminisced on their best birthday celebration and even got to show some pictures of their past birthdays to their classmates. From their pictures, we were able to figure out some common symbols that we usually see during birthday celebrations. We also learned about unique birthday traditions all over the world, which is quite interesting. As for our last activity about this lesson, the students accomplished a birthday planner, where they illustrated their dream birthday celebration. This showed how different their likes and preferences can be, but they are all so creative in their own ways.


This week we also had an earthquake and fire drill. We practiced some safety procedures in case of emergencies like these. Some firefighters from Nagisa fire station visited the school to give us safety tips and teach us the proper way of using a fire extinguisher. We even got a chance to take a picture with their firetruck. It was really a fun experience.


Thank you all for reading our blog! Until next week!