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Enjoying the cool autumn breeze (Milky Way)

The cool autumn breeze is here, and our class is really enjoying this time of the year! Since the weather has been so nice this week we got to enjoy some fun time outside of our classroom. We walked to a nearby park and enjoyed playing on the play structures. We also got a chance to run under the shade of trees and we noticed that their leaves are already starting to change colors!


In Phonics, we are learning about common word endings. This week, we focused on ending -ed. We mostly see this ending in the past tense of words. We learned that this suffix has three different sounds, and they are /t/, /d/, and /id/. We apply some teamwork strategies that we learned in UOI to accomplish our tasks in Phonics.

This week, we finally met our newest classmate in Milky Way. Our class is getting bigger! We hope that she will also enjoy our learning activities in class.

フォニックスのレッスンでは、同じ綴りで終わる言葉について学んでいます。今週は「ed」で終わる言葉を学習しています。主に過去形の動詞でよく使われる形ですが、 /t/, /d/, /id/ の3つの読み方があることがわかりました。この法則を練習するために、UOIで身に着けたチームワークの作戦を使って、ゲームをして楽しみました。


We also got a chance to listen to a book story reading prepared by Ms. Ann. She is our online teacher intern from the University of Melbourne. She read “We Are Going on a Bear Hunt”, which is one of favorite books! Since this week was her last day of her observation in our class, we made some thank you cards to show our appreciation.

Thank you for reading our blog! Until next time!

メルボルン大学からオンラインでインターンシップをしていたMs. Annに絵本を読んでもらいました。「 We Are Going on a Bear Hunt」という絵本で、みんなの大好きな絵本のひとつです!今週はMs. Ann が参加する最後の週になってしまったので、みんなで感謝の気持ちを伝えるカードを作りパソコンを通じて見せました。