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Reflection Week (Milky Way)

This week is shorter, but this is the perfect time to reflect on our epic Unit 2 which is all about Teamwork. We had our fun summative assessment last Friday, and it was one for the books! The students definitely had fun and at the same time, they were able to apply all the teamwork strategies that we learned throughout the unit. This week the students were asked to assess their own performance during the Amazing Challenge. They also identified the learner profile that they were able to develop this unit. Most of them answered that they become communicators and thinkers, while some said they were caring during the unit. We are really going to miss this unit and the fun games and challenges it brought us.


We are also enjoying more of our outdoor classes like Gym and Tennis classes, as the new season brings the cool autumn breeze. Physical activities outside our classroom can be a bit more tiring during summer, but now that it is autumn, getting active is much easier for the Milky Way kids. We enjoyed new exercise routines in the gym, while in Tennis, the students are getting more comfortable in handling the Tennis racket. Most of them can already hit the ball over the net. With more practice and persistence surely the Milky Way kids will achieve their Tennis goals.

Thank you for reading our blog! Until next time!