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Out of this World Fun! (Milky Way)

We had an out of this world fun this week in the Milky Way class!

The weather is already starting to get cooler as we near towards the season of Autumn. We had a chance to go on a nature walk in the nearby shrine and experience outdoors. The Milky Way kids enjoyed running, exercising, and taking in some fresh air. It is always fun to have a relaxing time outside the classroom.



In UOI, the students are getting more familiar with the concept of teamwork. This week, we had a teamwork challenge called Copy the Block Structure. In this challenge, we divided the class into two groups. The first group copied the block structure in the picture using the available blocks. Their goal is to finish the task within the given time. While the second group observed how the other group did the challenge. They took note of how the other group applied teamwork strategies as well as the words they used while doing the challenge. In the second round, we reversed the roles and have the second group do the challenge while the first group observes. This activity allowed the students to know how teamwork looks and sounds like. They also get familiar with some actions that do not help in achieving teamwork.


And finally, the highlight of our week, the Sports Festival! The Sports Festival is one of the most awaited events in school and it certainly did not disappoint. Everyone seemed to enjoy all the activities and performances. The students all did their best from the opening ceremony until the goodbye song. The Milky Way kids were all so fast during the race and the relay. They also danced well during the performance. It is really an event to remember.


Thank you all for coming to our Sports Festival. Until next week!