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Getting Ready for the Sports Festival (Milky Way)

So much has happened this past week as we gear towards one of the most anticipated events in school, the Sports Festival! We had our first rehearsal this week together with the other classes in Minami Campus. We practiced the program for the Sports Festival from start to finish and we also got to see the performances of our friends from Aurora, Savanna, and Shooting Star. We can’t wait for you to join us on September 11th!


In UOI, we are continuing our lesson on Teamwork. We are practicing the steps on how to achieve teamwork through different group activities. This week, we finally finished our class puzzle where we highlighted our strengths and skills. The students realized that in the Milky Way class we are also a team and if one will not do his or her role, then the team will not work and the puzzle will not be complete.


We also had a teamwork activity called Transfer the Beans where the students practiced their teamwork skills in completing the task. This activity also helped the kids practice their fine-motor skills. The task was challenging for them at first, but through practice and some encouragement from their group mates, everyone was able to accomplish the task.


This week we are finally able to visit the park again. We went on a nature walk and picked up some things that we can use for our little teamwork project. The class was divided into groups of five, and they were tasked to create a picture of an alien using the materials that we got from nature. The Milky Way kids tried to follow the steps in achieving teamwork while they are doing the project and they all have successfully created some wonderful art with their teammates.


Thank you all for reading our blog! See you again next week!