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A Very Merry Week! (Milky Way)

This week was all about being happy and merry for the Milky Way class!

We finished one of our final projects for this unit which is the “Happy Art”. The students used their most memorable and fun experiences as their inspiration for their artwork. They were given a variety of different craft materials to make their Happy Art come to life. Their masterpieces are all unique and special and each one has a story to tell. It was so amazing to see how the Milky Way students were able to express themselves through art.

We spent the rest of our remaining time this week to prepare for the event that we have all been waiting for, the Christmas Show! The Milky Way students worked so hard to give the audience the best performance. We practiced every day and it was all worth it because the kids enjoyed performing on stage. We are so proud of what they have accomplished and for sure they will achieve a lot of other great things as long as they will set their minds to it.

Thank you so much from the bottom of hearts. We hope that you enjoyed our performance. We appreciate all your help and our wonderful performance would have not been possible without your support.