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The start of the festive season! (Milky Way)

The festive season is here and we are now counting the days until the Christmas Show! We have been practicing since last month and the Milky Way students are getting better and better every day! We cannot wait for you to see our performance.

Our class also had a lot of fun this week! We continued our performing arts lesson with the mask-making activity. The students created their make-belief characters and use them as inspirations for their masks. They were then divided into small groups where they worked together to make a story about their own characters.

They were all able to come up with some cute stories and they are going to present their work to the Rainforest class on Monday. These activities would not just help them understand what performing arts are, these would also help them build the confidence to act in front of an audience.

One of the highlights of our week is our visit to the Nanbu Park. The students have collected nature treasures for our art project next week. They had so much fun collecting and discovering objects that they can use to make an artwork. After our nature hunt, the students spent some time in the play area and had the best time of their lives!

Until next week again! Have a wonderful weekend!