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A November to Remember (Milky Way)

The cold winter breeze is already starting to creep in and another month is coming to an end. As for the Milky Way class, we are definitely enjoying all the learning activities that we have for this unit!

We continued our creative exploration with the “Not a Stick” activity. This time, the students created something out of a simple stick. The Milky Way kids used their colorful imagination in this fun activity.

Then, we focused on performing arts. The students learned that stage play is also a form of art and their Christmas show presentation is a masterpiece that they should all be proud of. We learned how we can show our emotions and express ourselves when doing a stage play. We had a series of exercises and activities to practice the appropriate body movements and facial expressions to portray a certain emotion.

This week was also very exciting because of our training with Yamaga FC’s players and coaches. The kids had so much fun practicing their soccer skills and learning new tricks. It was an awesome day!

This month has been incredible! This is definitely a November to remember. Until next time! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!