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Milky Way August 5th – 9th

Hello everyone!
This week we started our 3rd IB unit which is under the theme How We Organize Ourselves. For the next couple of weeks, we are going to explore the Central Idea (CI) “People share responsibility to achieve a common goal” and to kick start our inquiry the students wrote their ideas about the meaning of each word in our CI.
今週からUnit3「私たちは自分たちをどう組織しているのか」をテーマに学んでいきます。まずは、Central Ideaの「人々は共通の目標を達成するために、責任をシェアする」について、自分たちの考えを書いてみました。

We then start our exploration of our first line of inquiry which is all about Roles and Responsibilities and what better way to learn about it, than to meet our community helpers! We made our own community map and drew the workplace for each of the community helpers. We designed the whole place and add details such as trees, trash bins, shrubs, vehicles, and many more. We are so happy to have created a beautiful community.

After that, we watched videos and read books to learn more about these community helpers. Each student chose their favorite community helper and identified the role that they play in the community. We learned that role is a special job that people do in a particular situation.

To cap off this week’s learning engagement, the students made puppets of their chosen community helper. We will use these puppets as role-playing props for our upcoming activities.

Our 3rd unit had a great start! We hope to have the same enthusiasm towards learning, all throughout the unit! Let’s all enjoy our Obon Holiday!