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Milky Way July 22nd – 26th

Hello everyone!
This week we continued our preparation for the Sports Festival. We made crafts that will serve as decorations for the said event and the Milky Way students continue to hone their skills in controlling the aerial fabrics that they will use for the presentation. Their dance moves are beginning to be synchronized, indeed, practice makes anything perfect.

In Phonics, we are still focusing on common word endings. We learned that blends come as endings, too! We practice reading and spelling these words using the sounding out strategy. These activities help us to broaden our vocabulary.

In Tennis, we are learning new skills and tricks. We are now practicing how to control and handle the racket properly. We also did exercises that help us practice our balance and body coordination.

This week is also the final week for Unit 2 and we have been very busy completing our final project, which is the Japanese Culture Lapbook. Our lapbook contains all the things that we have learned these past few weeks and we made sure to include all the elements of culture that we discussed in class. After finishing our lapbooks we get to share our project with our friends from the Rainforest class. We also learned a different perspective about Japanese Culture from them. We had so much fun exchanging ideas and that was a bonding experience that we will never forget.

Unit 2 had a good run, now we are ready for Unit 3! Have a great weekend everyone!