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Milky Way June 24th – 28th, 2019

Hello everyone!
This week the Milk Way students have had an exciting and enjoyable week because we are digging deeper into the various elements of Japanese Culture as part of our inquiry this unit.

The first element of culture that we explored in class is Japanese Celebrations. We learned that there are tons of Celebrations in Japan, and after learning some of the most popular celebrations, we identified the symbols and activities that we usually see during these festivities. We even tried to make ornaments for the Tanabata celebration, where we wrote our dream when we grow up.

The second element that we discussed in class is Japanese clothing. We enjoyed designing a Kimono for our paper dolls and compared these traditional clothing to what we are wearing now. We realized that culture changes over time, but we should not forget our roots and origin.

As we go through each of the elements of culture, we also try to answer the questions that we posted on our Wonder Wall. It is fun to learn new things every day.

This week in gym class, the students tried working on aerial fabrics. These fabrics spread-out widely, yet the kids somehow manage to hold them properly. They had so much fun playing with them, and soon they will be able to control these fabrics gracefully.

In Tennis class, the Milky Way students continued to hone their gross motor skills to play the sports. We practiced bouncing, throwing, and catching the ball, which are essential skills to be good tennis players.

Overall, this has been a marvelous week for everyone!