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Milky Way June 17th – 21st, 2019

Hello Milky Way!

I am so happy to finally meet all of you! I am excited for all the fun learning activities that we will be accomplishing for the rest of the school year. This week went by really fast! It has been sunny throughout the week. We were able to play outside and have fun with our friends.


Our IB theme this unit is Where we are in Place and Time, and so after learning what other countries have to offer, we are now focusing on the culture of Japan. We made a concept map of the word Culture and realized that it is made up of different elements: food, language, clothing, celebrations, and traditions. The students gave examples for each of the elements, and it was so much fun since I am also learning something new from them.


In Phonics, we are learning to read new words each day! This week we practiced different reading strategies so we can read words with twin letters, consonant blends, double vowels, and even contractions! By learning to read all of these words, we are also gaining new vocabularies that we can use in our daily conversations.


This has been a fun and productive week for everyone!

Thank you to Ms. Taeko for helping me adjust well in the school. Thank you also to Milky Way students and parents for your warm welcome, and I am looking forward to a fruitful and fun-filled school year with all of you.

Ms. Queenie