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Milky Way Nov. 19 – 22

Central Idea: We are able to express ourselves through the arts
Lines of Inquiry 2.: Expression communicates thoughts and emotions
This week was very productive because we had a rehearsal for Christmas Show!
We were very excited (even from the day before!) about going to Matsumoto Performing Art Center, and practiced very hard for this day.
We got to practice the play and music performance only once but we all did a wonderful job!
Since we’ve started our 2nd Line of Inquiry, we have set check points;
1. Use loud voice
2. Do big action
3. Walk in&out and stand on the stage nicely
4. Sing and dance happily
When we came back to school we had time to be reflective. Since this day MW have been very energetic about practicing every day.
The other fun thing we did was making the money bag for thieves!
In our play The Bremen Town Musicians, there are two thieves and they try to steal money.
We ripped, ripped and ripped lots of newspapers and then splash!! Our classroom was like a newspaper sea!
Next week MW will start making their own favorite musical instruments. Let’s see how creative they will be!
1. 大きな声で話すこと
2. 大きなアクションをすること
3. 入退場、ステージ上ではしっかりと立つこと
4. 楽しく元気に歌いダンスすること