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Magic Four! – Milky Way 10/11 – 10/14

The 4 days school days have been nothing but fun; Despite the short days in school, we made sure that we learned a lot and enjoyed a lot!

今週は4日間と短かったですが、Milky Wayくらすではたくさんの楽しいことがありました!短い週でしたが、たくさん学び、たくさん楽しみました🎵


  • We played with gravity and hit the floor in our Gym Lessons this week. The students reviewed their gymnastic skills and practiced tumbling. They are more confident now doing their acrobats compared to when they were in Shooting Star. We can’t help but be proud as we see their development.

今週のジムレッスンでは、マット運動をしました。子ども達は体の動きを思い出しながら、きゅうりのように細くなって転がったり、ジャガイモのように丸くなって転がったり、前回りの練習をしました。Shooting Starクラスの頃と比べると、自信を持ってできるようになりました。みんなの成長を見ると、とても誇らしく感じます✨


  • Our reading was fun. We explored the vast forest and discovered a lot of things along a new path. We counted the nouns we encountered like trees, dogs, flowers, etc, and distinguished whether they are singular or plural. They loved making a singular noun plural by adding s or es at the end of the word.
  • We looked into a new set of sight words this week, too! We practiced sounding each of their letters, reading and understanding their meaning by using them in a sentence.


・今週は、新しいsight wordのセットにも注目しました!それぞれの文字を発音し、読んで、文の中で使って意味を理解する練習をしました。


  • The golden time this week was interesting. We reviewed 2d shapes and 3d shapes that we learned when we were in Shooting Star class last year. We used playdough and toothpick to make them and see what shapes look like in person. We all had fun!

今週のワークステーションでは、Shooting Starクラスの時に習った2Dと3Dの図形の復習をしました。粘土とつまようじを使って形を作り、実際に形がどのように見えるかを確認しました。みんなとっても楽しんでいました🎵


  • The kids are so engaged in every Japanese celebration that we inquire about in our UOI. They marvel at every piece of information they learn through the presentation, storybooks, crafts, and songs that we use in every learning. We can’t wait to look into more celebrations next week.


Quality is more important than quantity: This week may have been short but our learning experience was still full blast both educational and fun activities.


Have a wonderful weekend ahead!