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Milky Way Ride: 01/10 – 01/13

The clock is ticking and running so fast, it feels like we are almost at the end, but not just yet, many more fantastic happenings in our class are happening within the remaining days of our school year! Tag along as we share our stories with you!

時計の針はとても速く動いて、今年度ももう少しで終わってしまいそうな気がしますが、まだまだです!まだまだ楽しいことはたくさん残っています!Milky Wayクラスの毎日のストーリーを、一緒に楽しんでください!

This week was rather unique because we were visited by special people from the city hall and shared some important and timely information. They talked about garbage. We often take for granted these simple things, we are always rushing to get rid of the stuff we don’t need or we have already used. During the talk, they mentioned that these things that we think are useless are in fact useful and precious! They showed different things from the trash bins that have become something; the kids were so amazed at how these things are possible. They enjoyed the game the presenter facilitated and had fun dancing to a song that is delivering a message at the same time, the message of how important it is to Recycle!

今週は、市役所の方々がMilky Wayクラスに来てくださり、私たちがUnit4で探求する、まさにタイムリーな情報を話してくださいました。それは、ゴミについてです。普段当たり前にいらなくなったものや使ったものを捨ててしまっていますが、その中には、私たちがもう使えないと思っているものが、実は便利で貴重なものであるということを話してくれました。その中で、私たちが無駄だと思っていたものが、実は便利で貴重なものであることを話してくれました。ゴミ箱の中から捨てられたものを見せて、それが何に生まれ変わったのかを見せてくれると、子ども達は「こんなことができるんだ~!」と驚いていました。お話はゲームを楽しみながら進み、魔法の言葉「リサイクル」をテーマにしたダンスを楽しみながら踊りました♪

Speaking of Recycle, Our final unit for this school year has already begun! We have started exploring the transdisciplinary theme: Sharing the Planet, by asking prevocational questions such as: Who shares this planet? What shape is our planet? What are our responsibilities to keep this planet clean and livable? Since we touched on this subject back in their shooting star days, it was inevitable to talk about different pollution: especially water pollution where fish were dying because of plastics. It was very impressive how good is their memory to be able to remember this information, vocabulary, and concepts despite the long time that had passed since we inquired on the subject.

このテーマについては、Shooting Starクラスの時にも触れているので、さまざまな汚染、特にプラスチックが原因で魚が死んでしまっている水質汚染について話すことになりました。あれから長い時間が経過していますが、みんな言葉や情報をよく覚えていて感心しました✨

In this unit, we will add more knowledge to what they already know, we have started to talk about our central idea: “Reusing Materials Protect Limited Resources.” We’ll start exploring and finding information about these resources to help our students have a grip grasp of the central idea and have an easy way to connect the Lines of Inquiry to it, that way we will be able to achieve the goal of this unit! We all hope that they will enjoy their journey in this learning and make an impact on them so they will be a responsible citizen of this planet!

このユニットでは、さらに知識を加えていきます。まず中心的となるアイデア “Reusing Materials Protect Limited Resources(再利用することで、限りある資源を守る)” について話し始めました。子ども達がこの考えを理解し、Lines of Inquiry(探求の流れ)に簡単につなげられるように、情報を探したり見つけたりすることで、このユニットの目標を達成することができるようになるでしょう😊子ども達がこのユニットを楽しみ、この地球の責任ある市民となるような影響を与えることができるよう願っています。✨

Seeing the garbage track in person. ワークショップに出てきたゴミ収集車を発見!

Lots of learning, but not forgetting to have lots of fun too! We headed to the park this week to practice playing jump rope and hone our skills in playing kendama! We all loved the experience!


We are excited to spend our last days as preschoolers, and we all looking forward to making more memories together before we conclude this chapter of our lives!


Stay with us and enjoy the ride! Have a great weekend!