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We played Charades! MW 6/24-6/28

Charades is a guessing game in which players try to guess a word or phrase based on clues given by another player. Charades game benefits kids by increasing vocabulary in descriptive text, enhancing attention, participation, and activity during learning, leading to improved English language skills. To give the students a hint on how to play the game, we watched an action song video. For this game, students have to guess the /ph/ and /wh/ words being acted on by their friends. They acted the words phone, photo, phonics, dolphin, elephant, whisper, whistle, and wheel. The rest of the students were so good at guessing the word. Everyone had fun playing charades for their first time. “I want to try! Let’s have more!”

Tanabata, also known as the Star Festival, is a Japanese festival originating from the Chinese Qixi Festival. The Tanabata story tells of the annual reunion of two lovers in the Milky Way. In Japan, families celebrate Tanabata by writing wishes on tanzaku paper and hanging them on bamboo trees at shrines, throughout town, or even in their own homes, with the hope that these wishes will manifest into reality. To celebrate this event, the Milky Way students made their own tanzaku paper and wrote their wishes. They enjoyed sputtering yellow paint on the paper using a toothbrush and cut out a start shape after it dried up. Some of their wishes are: 

I wish I could be rich. 

I wish I could be a princess.

I wish I could be a hairdresser.

I wish I could have a ______ toy.

I wish I could go to Hawaii.

I wish I could go to the LegoLand hotel.

I wish I could have a baby brother/sister.

I wish I could play with ______.

We wrapped up our UOI1: Choices and Wellbeing by serving their own lunch activity. Aside from the Go, Grow, and Glow food, we also have donuts and popcorn. Most of them chose the rice, fried chicken, and vegetable salad because according to them those are healthy foods. Someone said “I think popcorn is also healthy because it’s made of corn and corn is healthy.” “Popcorn is a snack!” That was brilliant thinking! They ate popcorn for a snack and remembered that eating too much of something is unhealthy. Another thought she ate a lot and said “When I go home, I will do exercise because I ate a lot.” Two students brushed their teeth after eating snacks because they said they don’t want to have cavities.

Thank you for reading our blog and enjoy your weekend! 🥰