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🌱Plant Growth Experiment🌱 MW 7/1-7/5

Observation skills are an essential part of a child’s development. These skills enable children to explore the world around them and make sense of what they see, hear, and experience. Observation skills refer to the ability to pay attention to details, notice patterns, and make connections between information.

The Milky Way class started their plant growth experiment on June 18th and every Friday they draw their observations in the notebook to see the progress of each plant. Then, we discussed as a class and made some conclusions about each plant. Here are some of their observations after 12 days:

We already had an assessment for UOI1 “Choices and Wellbeing” last week, but it doesn’t mean we will stop talking about it. It means we still keep reminding the students about what they have learned and apply it in their daily life at school and hopefully at home too. The UOI2 “Plants” is still ongoing and this week, we started to explore the UOI3 “Teamwork” with the Central Idea: Working together with our hearts and minds, we can achieve a common goal. To assess if they know the word “goal”, we asked students to write their goal for the day. They completed the sentence “Today, my goal is ______.” Based on their answers, some of them already have an idea of what it means and were able to complete the sentence with a complete thought. Next week, we will continue to explore the LOI1:Setting and achieving goals.

In our phonics lesson, we learned a new digraph which is /th/ and we discovered that this digraph has two different sounds, the voiceless /th/ as in thunder, thief, thigh, and the voiced /th/ as in the, this, these, those, they. The students sorted the words whether it is voiced or voiceless /th/. 

In the writing lesson, our class began to write sentences in their notebook. When we are writing a sentence, we have to remember 4 things such as: 1. A sentence begins with a capital letter.  2. A sentence tells a complete thought. 3. A sentence has a space between  the words. A sentence ends with a punctuation mark. They tried to make their own sentences using “th” words such as “those” and “thief”,  and write them in the notebook.

On Wednesday, we had our gym open day! The Milky Way students were very excited to see their parents and do some activities with them. They had so much fun doing exercise, playing tag, and playing with a ball with their parents. Thank you so much, dear parents for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and join us at the gym!

Summer is here, so please stay hydrated! Thank you for reading our blog and have a nice weekend!