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Happy Father's Day!- Rainbow(June 13-17)

父の日のお祝い! Rainbowクラス 6月13日から17日より

Hello everyone,


It was another week of fun and learning here in Rainbow class. On the first day of the week, we had our class open day. Our youngsters were glad to have their mom and dad observing how they were doing at school. We really appreciate them for showing their parents how they behave at school. After seeing their parents they were so emotional waving goodbye to them. Thanks, mom and dad for allotting your time coming.


To honor all the fathers on this coming Father’s day, our little learners made a present for their dads. We made a colorful shirt made of construction paper. We asked each student to choose the colors of paint they like, then dipped a sponge in the paint. They enjoyed grabbing the sponge and tried pressing it many times on the paper. Here, they are! Cool and colorful shirts for dad are done! Happy Father’s day!


Sea animals Activities!


The fun continues as we learn about the sea animals. This week we did a lot of activities including fishing, rolling the dice, and finding a pair of sea animal puzzles. Our youngsters enjoyed them and we were glad to see the children’s participation and eagerness to answer.




It has been a cool and rainy week. Gym day was perfect to keep us warm and even made us sweat a lot. Our youngsters enjoyed playing with the ball, balancing their bodies, throwing and catching them. Please have a glance at how they spent their time moving their bodies.


Park day


It was a nice day, a pleasant day to go out. Finally, we were able to go to the park by bus. Our youngsters enjoyed running in a wide space, sliding down the slide, and enjoyed being engaged in nature. They had fun touching the stones and enjoyed the sounds as they held them up and down.


Music class


The last day of the week , our youngsters still have a lot of energy. They actively participated in singing and doing the gestures in our music class. Looking from the back, we could see how they were doing their best but seeing their photos in front made us more impressed. Their smiles means they love music and really enjoying it. Well done, Rainbow😉

週の最終日、子供達はまだ元気一杯です。活動的に歌ったり、振り付けしたりして音楽のレッスンに参加しました。後ろから見ているとみんな一生懸命なのが見てとれますし、前から見ると更に感心します。みんなの笑顔が音楽を本当に楽しんでいるということを物語っています。頑張ったね、Rainbowのお友達 😉

We have attached the links to the songs we enjoy singing this month. Enjoy watching, singing, and dancing with the kids.


Have a fantastic weekend.