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LET’S GO TO THE ZOO!- Rainbow March 7th-11th

Hi everyone!✨
It was a great week indeed for our Rainbow class!
From Monday to Wednesday, we discussed Zoo Animals.🦩🐪🦓🐅 We did “Let’s Go to the Zoo” activity. For this activity, our youngsters held their friend’s hand and walked around the classroom like they were going to the zoo! While their friends were walking, we sang “I’m going to the zoo, would you like to come too! So many animals to see from the land, the sky, and the sea. The zoo is the place to be!”🎵 And we practiced saying “I see a/an ____________!” Our little ones enjoyed this activity well!



♪ZOO SONG / Educational Songs For Kids♪by Bilppi


Also, we had a “Zoo Animal Counting” activity wherein we counted the number of animals in each boxes and circled the correct number. Great job!⭐


For our craft, our little ones made a very cute lion, zebra, and giraffe!🦁🦒🦓 They chose they favorite zoo animal and painted its face perfectly! Also, they put the animal’s eyes, mouth and nose in its proper places. Well done!✨


In our “Five Senses” lesson this week, we focused on our “Sense of Smell”.👃🏻 We did a guessing game and used perfume, coffee beans, garlic, tea, and pepper corn for this game. This time, our young ones guessed the object/food through their sense of smell and practiced saying, “with my nose, I can smell a ____________!”. Everyone had so much fun playing this game!!!🌟

五感に関するレッスンでは、Smell(嗅覚)についてより学びました。匂いを嗅いで物を当てるゲームでは、香水、コーヒー豆、紅茶、ニンニク、コショウを用意しました。香りと物を確認して、『with my nose, I can smell a ◯◯!』と発表しました。みんなとっても興味深く取り組み楽しんでいました。

It feels good to finally got back at the gym!✨ We missed doing various exercises there! Let’s take a look at how our youngsters enjoyed and made the most out of it.🏃🏻‍♀🏃🏻‍♂


Have a great weekend everyone!💖