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Rainbow July 8-12

Hi everyone!
Last week, we celebrated Tanabata also known as Star Festival and our dear little ones hung their wishes on the bamboo tree. We hope that your wishes will be fulfilled!❤️

This week, we learned about sea animals. They had fun listening to the story of “The Silly Shark” and singing “Animals in the Ocean”.
今週は引き続きsea animalsについて学びました。 “The Silly Shark” というポップアップ本をクラスで読んだり、”Animals in the Ocean”というお歌を歌って楽しみながら学びを深めました。

We also did counting numbers 1-10 using the apple flashcards and learned alphabet letters K, L, M, N, and O. Great job, Rainbow!👏🏻

Our youngsters had a good day at the gym! We did various exercises such as: running, dancing, walking like a giraffe and penguin, and playing with hula hoop. Look at their sweet smiles! Everyone was so happy!

Have a great weekend everyone!