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Rainbow July 1-5, 2019

The focal point of Rainbow’s activity this week was the Gym Open Day. Thank you dear parents for coming. Everyone was very happy seeing their mommy and daddy in the gym. We could see the happiness of our dear little ones. It was good witnessing the great participation of everyone in all the gym activities.
今週、レインボーのメインイベントは何といってもGym参観でした。全員の保護者様に来ていただき、誠に有難うございました。ジムにてパパやママに会えて活動を共にし、レインボーのお友だち全員がHappy でした!!

The Star Festival is coming very soon. We made for our craft the two characters in the said event, Altair and Vega. We drew their eyes and mouth and pasted them on the blue construction paper and finally, we sticked five stars on it. We have a good comprehension of face parts and we can draw them.

For our lesson,  we have a new topic for July- the Sea Animals (shark, jellyfish,  seahorse,  crab, lobster,  etc.) We have been singing the Sea Animals in the Ocean song. We are trying to remember the different names of sea animals using flashcards.  We also moved to letters K, L, M, N, and O for the alphabet. In the morning,  we called one Rainbow member to stand up in front and lead the class in singing the Hello Song and How’s the Weather. We had been singing also the song for exercise which is We All Fall Down. Oh how we loved this song.
レッスンでは、 the Sea Animalsを今月のメインとし、shark, jellyfish,  seahorse,  crab, lobster,などの単語を学んでいます。このトピックに添うお歌も導入しました。アルファベットはK, L, M, N,  Oに移りました。今朝は前にヘルパーさんとして一人のレインボーのお友達に Hello Song とHow’s the Weatherのお歌をお手伝いしてもらい、皆の前でお手本となって歌ってもらいました。また、We All Fall Downという曲も今月はダンスソングとして取り入れています。レインボーのお友達はみんなこのWe All Fall Downが大好きです。

More fantastic fun learning activities are coming next week.
Have a great weekend everyone!良い週末をお過ごしください!