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Rainbow May 27-31

This week, one of our dearest student in Rainbow celebrated her 3rd birthday at school!🎈

Also, we want to show you how independent they are. Look, they can eat their lunch properly by themselves! Most of them are already using chopsticks and some are using fork. All of them are doing a great job in finishing their food!👏🏻

Our youngsters had fun in the gym! They did some exercises such as: crawling like a cat and playing and chasing the hula hoop. They also showed cooperation in cleaning up the hula hoops. Well done, Rainbow!

Lastly, our little ones enjoyed learning as we discussed numbers 1-10 wherein they counted how many ducks and apples are there; identifying family members and recognizing alphabet letters A to E.

Have a nice weekend everyone!良い週末をお過ごし下さい。
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