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Rainbow April 3-5

Welcome to Rainbow class. This school year’s teachers are Ms. Hitoko, Ms. Aiza, and Ms. Marlyn. We gladly welcome everyone in the class.
レインボークラスへ進級おめでとうございます!今年度はMs. Hitoko, Ms. Aiza, and Ms. Marlynの3名の先生がレインボー担当となりました。今年度もどうぞ宜しくお願いいたします。
This week, we only have five precious children in our class, but we are expecting more brand new students next week. Can’t wait to meet them!
To begin with, we did lots of play both inside and outside the school. We enjoyed playing with our friends.

We also sang the Seven Steps and Walking songs for our morning exercise. Everyone participated and did a great job!
Seven Steps や Walking songsなどの歌を中心に、朝の体操をしました。みんな楽しく参加しました。

We had fun listening to the story, A Beautiful Butterfly and Freight Train which pertains about colors. We liked the story and we could tell the colors.
A Beautiful Butterfly と Freight Train、2冊の本を読み、色、を学びました。

More exciting fun learning activities are coming next week. Have a great weekend everyone!