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Rainbow February 12-15

This week’s highlight was the Gym Open Day. Our youngsters were so excited seeing  their parents at the gym. As expected, everyone had a great time doing the gym activities with their parent/parents and it seemed like the time was too short for them. It was one of their unforgettable days in Rainbow. Thank you dear parents for coming.

For our lesson, we continued learning about Fruits. We all loved singing the Fruit Song. In this song, we have learned the phrase, “What would you like to eat? I would like…. (apple, banana, strawberry, etc.) Each one stood up and chose the fruit they like and said, I would like strawberry/apple/grape/ etc. Obviously, majority in the class liked strawberry 🍓.
レッスンでは、引き続きフルーツの名前です。歌に合わせて果物の名前を覚え、”何が食べたいですか?””◯◯がほしい!”と自分の好きなフルーツを選び”I would like~”で答えました。それぞれ好きなフルーツが言えましたが、ほとんどのお友達はイチゴが大好きなようです。

The cold weather didn’t stop us going to the park. Rainbow, Meadow, and Lagoon class went together. We did lots of running about in the park and it was wonderful.

Please enjoy the Valentine’s card our little ones made for you. Have a lovely weekend everyone!
子ども達は、“I love you” と言ってバレンタインカードは渡せたでしょうか?