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Rainbow February 4-8

It’s February, the month of love ❤️. For our Valentine’s Day craft, we made a flower with a color of our choice to express our love to the world. We are giving away lots of love from our little heart. And while waiting for our turn, we were playing with blocks. We played nicely and with everyone’s cooperation we were able to make a big train. 👏 👏👏


For our class lesson, we have been learning letters  T /t/ for turtle 🐢 , U /u/ for umbrella ☂, V /v/ for violin 🎻, and W /w/ for watermelon 🍉. For numbers, we started counting from one to thirty. We can count big numbers. Well done, Rainbow. For our monthly topic, we have been learning fruits such as;  strawberry 🍓, pineapple 🍍, grapes 🍇, pear 🍐, apple 🍎, etc. We had fun saying altogether yum, yum, yum, it’s good!
レッスンでは、Turtle(カメ)のT, Umbrella(カサ)のU, Violin(バイオリン)のV, Watermelon(スイカ)のW、数字は、1から30までの数字を歌に合わせて数えて学んでいます。今月のレッスンは、”果物”。いちご、パイナップル、ぶどう、ナシ、リンゴなどたくさんの果物のフラッシュカードを見て答えています。答えた後には、子ども達がその果物を食べるふりをして”yum,yum,yum,it’s good👍”と言って楽しんでいます。給食の時間も、その子にとって少し苦手な食べ物だっただろう物を食べられた後は、yum,yum,yum…と言ってあげるとit’s good!!と笑顔になって返してくれます。またお家でも言ってみて下さい。

We had a Gym class together with Meadow and Lagoon class. We had a great time together doing the gym activities. We can follow instructions and we did them accordingly.

We also went to the park. We did some jogging to warm our body up. Everyone had their play of interest.

And we had a fire drill. We covered our nose and mouth to not breath the smoke in and we evacuated to the car park quietly. We did it!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.