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Rainbow January 28-February 1

The most memorable part of this week were the School Open Day and Setsubun Festival. Thank you so much dear parents and grandparents for taking time to come and observe our class activity. Everyone was proud and happy having their parents and grandparents around. They have done their best singing with a loud voice and have participated eagerly in all the activities we did. We boldly threw the balls to the demons made from balloons  as we said, Demons out, good luck in!

ISN as a whole, celebrated the Setsubun event. We have seen different emotions as the demon showed up. Some were crying, others were scared,  but still others were bold enough to chase the demon. Finally, we knocked the demon down.
前日の練習を生かし、いざ鬼とのご対面!手に持っているボールを「Demons out!!Good luck in!!!」の掛け声と共に投げ、鬼を退治しました。泣けてしまう子、叫びながら先生の後ろに隠れる子、鬼に向かっていってボールを投げて退治する子、様々でしたがみんな勇敢に立ち向かいました!

We were lucky enough to have ice to play with in the park this week. We put on our snow wear and off we went. Everyone had lots of fun trudging through the snow  and making snow balls.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.