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Our Big Autumn Tree-Rainbow(Nov. 7th-11th)

大きな秋の木 Rainbowクラス 11月7日から11日より

Hello everyone, welcome to another fun week here in Rainbow class.

We have started our week, strolling through the park. Kids kept warm putting on their jackets however, they looked so hot when going back to school.

皆さま、こんにちは レインボークラスの更なる楽しみなブログへようこそ

Tuesday-Craft day

We made our Big Autumn tree craft. Kids were excited to start seeing a big illustration paper in front of them. They listened well to the teacher’s instructions before we started painting our Autumn tree. They named the colors of the paints, yellow, red, green, brown, and orange and chose their favorite one they wanted to use. They painted freely and safely. Everyone had a big smile seeing their own masterpiece.

Thursday- Park day

We have longed for this day to come and do the outdoor autumn activity. We went to the park where there were piles of fallen and dried leaves. When we arrived at the park, Rainbow students held their partner’s hand and walked to the loan. Kids started to play, chased with friends, picking up the dried leaves and putting them in their handmade milk box bag, and throwing the leaves up high. There were a lot of dried leaves and kids showered them on their friend’s and the teacher’s heads. Kids had a blast time flies and have to go back to school. They held their friends’ hands and walked back to the bus. We are looking forward to another week to enjoy doing a lot of fun outdoors this season.

On this day we also conducted the loiterer drill. Kids weren’t aware of the drill but they followed the teachers’ instructions to stay in one corner away from the door and kept quiet. After the announcement that the stranger has gone, we explained to students the rules to remember when there is a stranger. They listened carefully when we explained the rules of Ika No O sushi.

Ika means ikanai- Don’t go with the Stranger

No means Noranai- Don’t get on the Stranger’s car

O means Ookii na koe de sakebu- Shout with a big voice

Su means Subayaku nigeru- Run as fast as you can

Shi means Shiraseru- Tell to parents or to the teacher

Body parts Lesson

This week, we have done a lot of activities for learning parts of the parts. We played the “Touch your … ” Half of the class chorused the “ Touch your… Nose, head, eyes!” and half of the kids did the action. Then they switched after they reached the finish line. They enjoyed it very much.

During our free play, we distributed the laminated face of a boy and a girl and the kids enjoyed making their parts of faces in different shapes using the clay while saying, big eyes, small nose, big mouth!

Counting numbers 1-10

Everyday, we learn numbers in whatever we do. When making a line and walk together to wash our hands, playing with friends and even when children changing their clothes.

This week, the kids enjoyed our “counting the apple” activity. We showed to the kids the laminated apple tree and asked each of them to come in front and count the apples on the tree. They did a good job😀

Thank you for reading. Have a nice weekend.