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Clothes we wear- Rainbow(December 5-9)

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another fun week here in Rainbow class. A new month has begun and we are excited to begin to another journey. December is a month to be Merry! Kids are expecting for Santa, and we have talked about the gifts they want for Christmas. Some kids say, I want anpanman toy, I want a car, I want a princess dress and more.

We started the new lesson of this month about the “clothes we wear”. Our little learners love our new song “Put on your shoes” and they all do the gesture of putting on their shoes, hat, jacket and scarf while singing. We learn the clothes we wear by showing the flashcards and then we interviewed each of the kids “What are you wearing?” while pointing on the clothes they are wearing. They were able to say the words sweater, shoes, socks, and pants. We have a laminated big picture of a girl on the wall. We clothed the girl by choosing the appropriate clothes to wear before going outside. We practice the phrase “ Put on your…….hat, gloves, scarf, and etc. They chose from the hanged laundry taking off the laundry clips using their fingers enhancing their fine motor skills. Using our handmade laundry machine also make our youngsters thrilled of learning this lesson.

Learning Phonics R, S, T

This month, we are learning phonics R, S, T. We introduced the alphabets and kids tried to imitate after the teacher the sound of each letter. This week, we learned r- r – R and it’s phonics: Rabbit, rocket, rain, ring, robot, and Find their friend’s name which starts with letter R.


This month, we are levelling up to learning number 1-20. Kids were amazed singing our new song and counting number 1-20. They raised their hands and wanted to try counting alone pointing the numbers on the wall. Good job, Rainbow!

Another fun adventure outdoor and keeping their body warm, burning off some calories walking to the park and playing in the yard.


It feels good to see the children’s growth everyday. The things they weren’t able to do before, now they can, how they ran fast when chasing with friends and also can pay attention and listen to instructions. We are so proud of you Rainbow! Look how they did well on our gym day.

Thank you for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.