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Have fun outdoor and keep warm(Rainbow- January 16th-20th)

屋外遊びを楽しみ体を動かして暖かく (レインボークラスより1月16日から20日より)

Hello everyone,


Brrr! It’s cold! but it doesn’t mean that kids aren’t spending as much time outside. Kids need time to play outside in the winter, just as much as they do in the summer. Time spent outdoors during this cold weather helps their immune system, gets their blood flowing and helps them get essential nutrients. We spent a lot of time playing in the park and having fun. Since it’s cold outside, we let the kids bundle up but some of them took off a layer when they got too warm.

We had the chance to go to the huge park. Kids enjoyed seeing the trains passing by, playing with the hand-made kite and playing tail tag. They also enjoyed rolling their bodies down the hill while waiting for the bus back to school.

Another fun day walking through the park

Learning number 1-20

Our youngsters love counting numbers. They raised up their hands and pointed the the numbers on the wall counting with their big voices. They enjoyed one of the activity we did this week. The teacher picked up a number flashcard in the box and kids picked up pom poms with a tong and counted them according to the number the teacher was holding. Using a tong improves the children’s hand strength and fine motor skills.

Transportation lesson

Most of the kids know the transportation’s name as we keep on reviewing everyday. In connection about this lesson, we also teach the children how to follow the traffic signal and the meaning of Blue which is Go, and Red, which is Stop. Kids got on the cardboard car toy and kept driving when the signal was blue and stopped when it changed to red. They really enjoyed this activity.

We also did the “Circle the transport activity” the teacher was asking and counted their numbers. It’s also one way to practice their muscles holding the pen.

We stuck in every corner of the room the pictures of the places we want to go. The teacher say ” I go to the… park by car”. Kids raised their hands and picked up the transportation they like and walked to the picture on the wall where they want to go and say “I go to Disneyland by… car!” and more. Good job, Rainbow!

Music class

We had a blast ending the week with our music lesson. Kids love singing and clapping their hands with the rhythm

Outdoor play

Morning Circle Time

See you again in our next update. Have a fabulous weekend.