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Gym Open Day- Rainbow June 20-21(ジムオープンデー)

Hello everyone,

The temperature increases daily, and we beat the heat by playing with water. We prepared a bucket of water, and the children filled some plastic bottles with water. They enjoyed pouring into their hands and feet and some kids their bodies. We also put paint on the caps and the kids shook them and were surprised to see the water change its color. They had a blast and went inside cool and wet.



On one rainy day, we spent playing in the classroom. We did the exercise and used the balance bars, tunnel, and hoops to keep the children’s bodies moving. They were able to follow instructions took turns and had fun playing together.


The Gym Open Day was the children’s awaited day. On the day, the kids were thrilled to get on the bus to the gym and couldn’t wait to see their parents. We did the exercise with the parents and played together with the ball. The children’s smiles can’t be measured having a wonderful time together. The tough time was when saying goodbye after the lesson. To our dear parents, thank you for allotting your time to see how they are doing and had a wonderful time bonding with them.


The kids enjoyed the insect coloring activity. They chose their favorite colors and some kids decided to use mixed colors which looked brilliant. Great job, Rainbow!


Thank you for this week. Get Rested and see you next week.