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Save the ecosystem!- Shooting Star 3/7 – 3/11

Time flies fast and we have finally concluded our last unit of inquiry.

This unit has opened the eyes of our students and shown them how the world really works. The presentations have helped them to be aware that as an individual they have the responsibility of keeping the ecosystem balanced because it has a big impact on the living things and nonliving things around us and also on our lives.

The last line of inquiry was a really big encouragement to them to help to save the ecosystem. They saw some of the problems that the world is facing now such as Overfishing, Platic Pollution, Water Pollution, and Deforestation. During the discussion, some of them were saying: I don’t want to use plastic anymore, we should clean up and pick the garbages up, etc. They all wanted to help in their own little way, so we decided to make our own eco bag so that way we can reduce the usage of plastics, and avoid polluting the ecosystem. Their sincere motif to help the ecosystem was shown through their drawings and designs on their ecobags.

And we followed this activity up by making a poster: The students were tasked to make a poster that shows a balanced ecosystem. This activity has helped them hone their thinking skills and caring attributes, by thinking of the situation around us and how can people help to solve the problem.

In Phonics, We have been reviewing Rhyming words. We have already tackled this topic before, but we wanted to dig in more and see how can we make use of these words in our daily lives. We read a poem called “Spring” and the story of “Jack and Jill”; We interpreted the meaning of each piece by simplifying the words, and trying to put ourselves in the story. We then looked for some rhyming words and put in writing how we understood the story by drawing.
フォニックスではライミングワード(韻を踏む単語)について復習しました。このトピックは前にも触れていますが、今回は日常生活でも韻を踏む単語を使えるかを考えてみました。「Spring」と言うポエムと、「Jack and Jill」という本を読みました。言葉をシンプルにし、自分が物語の中にいると考えながら、それぞれの作品の意味を解釈しました。そしてポエムと本の中から韻を踏む言葉を探しました。最後に、絵を描くことによって子どもたちが物語をどのように理解したかを確認しました。

It has been awhile since we went to the gym, but fortunately this week, we were able to go to the gym and stretched our muscles. We exercised and did some hula hoops activities. The kids had so much fun.

In a blink of an eye, our students have completed all 4 units of UOI – Shooting Star level. They are now more knowledgeable, and more equipped to face the world and embark on a new chapter of their lives.

Let’s all join forces to support them and make sure they enjoy their journey as a student!

Have a good weekend, everyone!