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The 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – Shooting Star 2/28 – 3/4

This week, the Shooting Star class has started to inquire about the Impact of living things on our ecosystem.

We opened the third line of inquiry by defining the word IMPACT. We discovered that impact is the result or effect of one’s action like When you don’t eat – the impact to you is to get hungry. Action: Did not eat Impact: Get hungry. We cited lots of examples to help the students grasp the meaning of the word: it’s vital that they understand the meaning of the word because the LIO3 is all about impact.

This week we have started to look into some of the actions of living things that affect the ecosystem like Overfishing, Ocean Pollution, and Plastic Pollution.

The whole class was in awe when they saw how immense the fishnets of modern fishermen were and how much fish they are taking from the sea. We discovered that the impact of this action is depriving the fish of reproduction. We then asked a question to stimulate their understanding more by asking: What can you do to stop overfishing? and some of their answers are Fish only what you can eat, If you caught a baby fish, put them back into the ocean, so they can grow and reproduce.

The whole class was so engaged and their actions revealed how much they love animals.

We also talked about Ocean Pollution and Plastic Pollution, they were disgusted by how dirty our oceans are. In the presentation, they saw some of the causes of these problems, and they discovered that most of these problems were caused by humans and it has a big impact on the ecosystem.

Using plastic is inevitable, it’s part of our lives, but it can be regulated by practicing the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We have started talking about this and will dig in more next week. This lesson is very important for our kids to know so they’d be aware that their choice could make a difference, and their small actions could help the ecosystem be healthy.
今の私たちの生活において、プラスチックを使うことは避けられないことかも知れません。しかし3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycleを毎日の生活で心がけることはできます。今週は3Rsについて少し触れましたが、来週もっと深く探究するつもりです。そしてこのレッスンは子どもたちにとってとても大切なレッスンです。みんなには正しい選択ができるようになって欲しいと思います。そして環境に良いことをするために小さなことでもコツコツと実践していくことが大切だと理解して欲しいです。


We had fun making Hina-Matsuri dolls. We reviewed the story, made our own dolls, and sang the festival song! The kids had so much fun participating in the said event.

We have also started practicing writing our daily experiences, like the weather and what we did or will do for that day; this is a preparation for their journaling in the future.

Reading and Phonics: The shooting star class is very familiar with the sound of each letter, and can recognize digraphs and blend words as well. They love reading and phonics so much.

May everyone have a wonderful and safe weekend, and may we all do our part to save the ecosystem by practicing the 3Rs more! 🙂