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Happy Together! – Shooting Star 2/21 – 2/25

I am happy and excited because I could see everyone! – are the common comments you can hear from our students during our speaking time in our morning routine; you can’t really deny the fact that everyone has missed everybody. Yes, We are back! We are back stronger and happier!

This week, we have finally reached the end of our Line of Inquiry 2, and we concluded it with a nice activity: Each student made their own food chain, placed each animal picture in the correct place, and complete the order of the chain. This activity reflected their understanding of the living things in the ecosystem and their role in the food chain.

We have also reviewed the three types of consumers that we have learned online through a sorting activity: Each student was given a certain animal. They then asked themselves that does that animal eat and decided whether that animal is a Herbivore, Carnivore, or Omnivore. Most of their answers are correct which showed that they really have a clear understanding of the concept.

and we continue playing with Phonics. The shooting star has leveled it up a notch tho, we started making our own sentences using the words we just learned. This helps the students to grasp the meaning of each word they encounter and be more open to using them in their everyday conversation.

It’s nice to be back and be able to spend time with each other. We look forward to spending more time together, learning more, and making the most of our time as Shooting Star class.

Have a nice weekend, everyone! Be safe, and be happy!