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What type of consumer are you? (Shooting Star February 14-18, 2022)

We need to eat to survive and as a living thing, we too are a part of the food chain in the ecosystem, but the question is: What type of consumer are we?

In our UOI class this week, we answered this question. We talked about the 3 different consumers in the ecosystem which are: Herbivore, Carnivore, and Omnivore.

and as the lessons went by, we discovered that people fall under the omnivore family because we consume energy by eating both plants and meat.

To review the whole lesson and be more familiar with the concept. We decided to have the students make animals they like and the food it eats using tissue roles, origami paper, etc., and present to the class what type of consumer it is. The craft was the highlight of the week, and it was made extra special and fun because the kids were able to spend time with their parents and come up with the cutest animal craft they could make.

During our online lesson in Math, we had a Math Bee activity where the students needed to read the numbers and identify the missing number from the set of numbers given. This activity helped the students to sharpen their ability to count big numbers.

For Writing, we looked into words that have the digraph /or/ sound like “corn”, “storm”, “sword” etc., and like in the class, we practiced making sentences using these words. Our students are getting more used to making their own sentences and we are excited to see them express themselves using these sentences and put them into writing; they will do this in Milky Way class, and we are confident that they can do it with flying colors.

Phonics was a lot of fun! The whole class had a spelling bee activity online! The students needed to identify the picture and then spell out the word. The challenge arose when words like FAN came out: they had to choose between pan and fan, and JUG = jog or jug. The whole class was very engaged, the 50 mins lesson passed by so quickly.
フォニックスレッスンもとても楽しいものになりました。スペルを書くことを競う大会のことを海外ではSpelling Beeと呼びます。SSクラスのみんなは以前にも何度かこの競争ゲームをしていますが、今回はオンラインでも試して見ました。競争するのが大好きなみんなは、このアクティビティに釘付け!あっという間に50分のレッスンが終わりました👀

We will soon be back to school and study together in person. We all can’t wait to get back to our routine and spend time with our friends.

See you all in the next blog. Have a great weekend ahead!