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We are animal lovers! – Shooting Star 1/24 – 1/28

Greetings! Welcome back to our blog! I hope you’d have fun reading our story for this week!

The Shooting Star class has finished LOI1 with flying colors, they have mastered very well the difference between living and non-living things; also, they all have understood that Living and non-living things are the components of the Ecosystem and they play a big role in keeping the balance of it.

For the 2nd line of inquiry, we are going to dig in more on this subject and talk about the role of the components (Living things) in the ecosystem.

We started the LOI2 by introducing the vocabulary they will encounter in the coming days. We watched videos, flashcards, and pictures to help our students grasp the meaning and concept of the lesson. The whole class had fun and it turned out, we all share one thing in common: We are animal lovers!

Food Chain Prior Knowledge: What is a food chain?

Our students are still giving their best to be good writers: They all are trying their best to remember all the rules when doing their writing exercise such as Writing on the correct line, using only capital letters at the beginning of the sentence or when writing names, days of the week, or month. When writing sentences, make sure that there is enough space in between words and always end it with punctuation. All this they keep on reminding themselves, and they are doing a wonderful job!

We made a craft this week too: The Oni Mask. They all had fun doing it and once again showcased their artistry to the class. They all flaunted their obra-Maestra in front and took a picture with it.

Our Raz book for this week was a piece of cake to our students, but it helped them to learn how the short /o/ sound is correctly pronounced. Aside from reading, we practiced pronouncing all the words in the book with the short /o/ sound to get used to it more.
今週のRazブックもみんなにとって”a piece of cake”「超簡単」だったようですが、母音/o/の短い音を正しく発音する練習にはもってこいの内容でした。本を音読する以外にも短い/o/の音が入った単語を繰り返し発音する練習もしました。

It has been a wonderful week for all of us! I hope you will have a fantastic weekend, too!