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3-day hit! Shooting Star 1/5 – 1/7

And our journey continues as we welcome the year 2022! 🤗👌🏽👍

For starters, during our Phonics class, we looked back and recapped the things we have done during our winter vacation. The students were so proud to share the places they went to and their experiences in that place.

As a practice and preparation for their journaling next year, the students tried to draw their story during the vacation and write the sentence below; we simplified the journaling by using the phrase: “I went to”
絵日記はシンプルな文章にするために”I went to” から始まる文章にしました。ディズニーランドのことや、おじいちゃんおばあちゃんのお家へ行ったこと、パーティーをしたことなど色々な思い出をシェアしてくれてとても嬉しかったです💕

We will do more of this activity in the coming days to help the students get used to record their activities and enjoy journaling.

We have also embarked on a new journey in our Math subject! And as we go, we have discovered that math is everywhere; We looked around and see patterns everywhere: Math patterns are sequences that repeat based on a rule, and a rule is a set way to calculate or solve a problem. The kids loved it and aced their first worksheet pattern activity.

We can’t wait to start our new unit for IB which is about How the world works. We will inquire about the relationship of living and nonliving things to the ecosystem, and how the ecosystem affects our lives.
来週からは新しいUnitが始まります。今回のテーマはHow the world works(世界はどのように機能しているのかー世界の仕組み)です。このUnitでは「エコシステム」について学んでいきます。エコシステムの大切さを知るために、エコシステムとは何なのか、そしてその中に生きる私たち人間と生物、無生物の関係性や生物がエコシステムに及ぼす影響などを約3カ月かけて探求していきます。

It is a good opportunity for the students to look at this information so they’d be more aware of how things work around them and how important for them to be responsible with their actions and make good choices.

We will share our experience with you in the coming days and we hope you look forward to it.

Have a good long weekend and we will see you in the next blog!