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An invigorating week! Shooting Star 9/27- 10/1

Another week has past and all of us at Shooting Star had a rather invigorating week.

We have started the week by practicing writing words that begin with the blending sound /fr/. The students’ enthusiasm in participating in the discussion is very palpable. Their progress is undeniable.

In Phonics, we have introduced Alliteration. We started by watching a video that shows Peter Piper’s story. After that, we tried to recognize the first consonant sounds in the sentence. We have learned that Alliteration is the words that have the same beginning consonant sounds like Peter and Piper have the same /p/ beginning sound and Silly and Sally have the same beginning /s/ sound.
フォニックスでは、Alliteration( 詩文の1つの行の語群に強勢のある音節を同じ子音で始めること )を学びました。Alliterationが何なのかをなんとなく理解できるよう まずはビデオを見ました。 ビデオでは、以下の分を早口で読んでいます。
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked;
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?
/p/サウンドを使ったAlliterationです。他にも/s/のSilly Sallyを一緒に読んだりしました。みんなとても興味津々で楽しんでレッスンができたと思います。

After the discussion, the whole class played the game I spy: The teacher gave the first sound of the word, and they looked around to see things that have the same sound as the sound given by the teacher. The whole class had so much fun. We will dig in more about the subject in the coming days.
クラスディスカッションの後は、I spyゲームを紹介しました。このゲームでは一人がクラス内の物を見て、その物の始めのサウンドをみんなに教え、その物を当てるゲームです。例えばテーブルを見て、I spy….something that starts with the T sound.(tのサウンドで始まるもの)と言い、クラスのみんながそれを当てるゲームです。色々な単語を覚えてる SSさんはたくさんの物を予想することができました!ご家庭でも簡単にできるゲームですので、是非試してみてください♪

In reading class, we read a new book that had compound sentences in it. We took the opportunity to discuss the subject to add another piece of knowledge to our students. They practiced making their compound sentences by drawing: They drew two things in the book and recited the sentences to the teacher.
リーディングでは新しい本でコンパウンドセンテンスを学びました。コンパウンドの意味を理解しているみんなは、コンパウンドセンテンスが何なのか、すぐに理解したようです👏コンパウンドとは組み合わせるとう意味で、コンパウンドワードはspaceとshipで一つの単語spaceshipになり、コンパウンドセンテンスはI want to ride on a bike, but my mom wants to ride on a skateboardのように二つの文をつなげて一文を作ることを言います。

This week was our bus trip, too! We all went up to Alps Park and enjoyed the beautiful scenery in the Park. We played in the playing structures, we walked around and see some animals, we ran around and had lunch together on the grass! It was another unforgettable moment for all of us!

Thanks for reading our blog! Have a happy weekend, everyone!