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Flying higher – Shooting Star Aug 30 – Sept 3

It is every kid’s dream to own a kite, fly it and enjoy the freedom of life!

Welcome back to our blog! This week has been gloomy but never boring for Shooting Star class!

We started our week by incorporating craft activity into our Math subject. Making the kite made the kids so engaged that little did they know they were already practicing counting by 10s. They mastered skip counting while having fun!

We have finished talking about the Rules and Our Responsibilities in every building in the community this week! Their clear understanding was clearly shown when they aced the activity we had for review on Thursday, where they were tasked to raise a thumb finger sign if the picture shown on the screen was a Should do and thumbs down when it shows otherwise.
LOI3「建物のルールと私たちの責任」も今週で終わり、色々なルールを学ぶことができました。LOI3の復習レッスンでは、6つのカテゴリーに入る建物内での行動写真を見て、「やるべき行動(Should do)」と「やるべきではない行動(Should not do)」を👍👎のサインを使い識別するアクティビティをしました。みんなとても上手に識別できました👏



We are elated to see the progress of the whole class in reading. In this week’s book, the whole class read the book perfectly. They used less assistance from the teachers this time and even read the book with the correct intonation. We all can’t wait to see them read more in the future.

More reading practice in Phonics! We have been studying and learning more snap words in Phonics, and this week, they were tasked to read the sentences in the worksheet given to them and encircle the snap words that they recognize. Most of them encircled many words proving that they are masters of snap words now! 🙂

We practiced recognizing rhyming words, too!

Every day our students are learning more and more and We are happy to see them improve, develop and progress as a learner and as an individual.

We are all excited to see them fly high and reach their dreams in the future!


Have a wonderful weekend!