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Shooting Star Farmers! (Jan 20 – 24)

We have had a great week! We’ve been talking a lot about animals but this week we started talking about plants and how they are living things too. We have a poster in our class showing the different things living things need and most of the students just listed animals so it’s nice to be able to challenge their prior knowledge with something a little different.

UOI: Sharing the Planet Central Idea: Nature changes because of living and nonliving things 今週は1番目のLine of Inquiry: Living and nonliving things are differentの最終週でした。これまで動物や虫について学んできましたが、今週は植物の成長について探求活動をしました!

Everyone in Shooting Star gets to be scientists for this Unit. On Tuesday we started a science experiment. Together we are asking the question, “How do plants grow in different places?”. There are four groups and each group is taking care of some pea sprouts. One is outside in the sun, one is outside in the shade, one is inside in the sun, and the last is inside in the shade. Every day a different student gets to change the water and every Friday the students will take a picture and document their findings for that week. We will see how each plant grows in each environment. All the students are so excited and always come up to us to check on our plants. We can’t wait to see what happens!

Thank you everyone and we hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

植物の成長を観察するため、豆苗で実験を始めました!4つの条件でそれぞれの苗がどのように成長していくかを観察していきます。①屋外で日の当たる環境 ②屋外で日の当たらない環境 ③屋内で日の当たる環境 ④屋内で日の当たらない環境  子どもたちは①と③の環境で豆苗がよく育つと予想しています!毎日、順番で水を替え、毎週金曜日に写真を撮って記録していきます。 どのように成長をしていくか、とても楽しみです!